Advanced Disc Golf Techniques

Disc golf is a sport that requires accuracy, strategy, and dexterity all at the same time. While novice players concentrate on learning the fundamentals of throwing, more experienced players explore a world of specialized skills to overcome difficult course layouts and tough obstacles. The hyzer, anhyzer, and flex shots are among examples of these tactics, all of which offer an additional layer of intricacy to a player’s repertoire. This article will take an in-depth look at several advanced disc golf strategies, including how they operate, when they should be used, and how they may take your game to the next level.

The Art Of The Hyzer, Anhyzer, And Flex Shots

Understanding the Basics

Before going into these more sophisticated strategies, let’s take a moment to review the fundamentals. The angle at which you release the disc has a significant impact on the trajectory it takes while you play disc golf. A straight flight is produced with a flat release, however there are situations in which the course requires more precision and control.

1. Mastering the Hyzer Shot

To make a hyzer shot, you have to let go of the disc at an angle that makes the outside edge of the disc lower than the inner edge. This gives the disc an incline, which causes it to bend in a certain direction. Imagine you are skipping a stone over water; the direction in which you skip the stone will decide where it lands. Because of the curved trajectory of a hyzer shot, it is possible to steer your throw around obstacles such as trees and other obstructions. This makes hyzer shots particularly useful for obstacle avoidance.

2. How to Execute a Hyzer Shot

To complete a hyzer shot, you must first grab the disc with a very little tilt before letting go of it on a plane that is also slanted. The extent of the curve will be determined not only by the angle but also by the inherent properties of the disc. Develop your sense of the subtleties of the photo by gaining experience shooting from a variety of perspectives.

3. Mastering the Anhyzer Shot

To perform an anhyzer shot, on the other hand, you must launch the disc such that its outer edge is higher than its inner edge. A curve in the opposite direction of a hyzer is created as a result of this. When you require the disc to make an early turn in its flight in order to handle narrow lines or take advantage of the curve of a fairway, anhyzer shots come in useful.

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4: How to Execute an Anhyzer Shot

To make an anhyzer shot, you must tilt the disc in the opposite direction that you would for a hyzer shot. When you let go of the disc, it will immediately rotate in the opposite direction from the angle at which it was released. Keep in mind that the success of your shot depends on the stability of the disc, the angle at which you release it, and the force with which you throw it.

The Advanced Flex Shot

1: Unleashing the Flex Shot

The flex shot is a method that combines the concepts of both the hyzer shot and the anhyzer shot to generate a flight path that is shaped like a S. When you need to traverse a fairway that has a noticeable bend from right to left or left to right, this stroke is especially helpful. Because it involves dexterity and command of one’s body, the flex shot is not only difficult to execute, but also an asset to have in one’s arsenal.

2: How to Execute a Flex Shot

Start with a very little anhyzer release angle so that you may successfully perform a flex shot. As the disc begins to turn, the natural stability of the disc should cause it to flex back towards the target as it does so. You will be able to avoid obstacles and go to locations that were previously out of your grasp with the assistance of this flight route that takes a double curve.

Choosing The Right Technique

 Factors to Consider

Knowing when to employ each technique is essential for success on the course. Consider these factors when choosing the right technique:

  • Course Layout: Analyse the layout of the hole and the positioning of obstacles to determine whether a hyzer, anhyzer, or flex shot is most suitable.
  • Wind Conditions: Wind can greatly influence disc flight. A headwind might make a hyzer shot more stable, while a tailwind could exaggerate an anhyzer’s turn.
  • Personal Skill Level: Your comfort and skill level with each technique will also influence your decision. Practise each shot extensively to gain confidence in their execution.

The Road To Mastery

 Practice, Practice, Practice

Becoming proficient in hyzer, anhyzer, and flex shots requires consistent practice. Head to an open field and experiment with different release angles, disc selections, and power levels. As you practise, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how each technique responds to various inputs.

Video Analysis

Record your throws and analyse them to identify areas for improvement. Video analysis can help you refine your form, release angles, and timing, leading to more accurate and controlled shots.

Play with Purpose

Incorporate these advanced techniques into your rounds. Instead of defaulting to familiar shots, challenge yourself by selecting shots that allow you to practise these techniques in real-game scenarios.


Hyzer, anhyzer, and flex shots are advanced techniques that elevate your disc golf game to new heights. These shots offer you the finesse and control needed to navigate complex courses and overcome challenging obstacles. By understanding the principles behind each technique and dedicating time to practise, you’ll enhance your versatility and become a more skilled and strategic disc golfer.

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Can these advanced techniques be used by beginners?

While beginners can experiment with these techniques, they might find them more challenging to master. Focus on building a strong foundation of basic throws before delving into advanced shots.

Can I use these shots with any disc?

Disc selection matters. Overstable discs are ideal for hyzer shots, while understable discs might suit anhyzer shots better. Flex shots benefit from discs with a combination of stability and glide.

Are these shots only for certain hole types?

No, these shots can be employed on various holes, depending on the desired flight path. Assess the hole’s layout and obstacles to determine the most effective technique.

How do I know if I’m releasing the disc at the right angle?

Practice and experimentation are key. Release angles can be adjusted through wrist positioning and disc tilt. Pay attention to the flight path and adjust accordingly.

Can I combine these techniques in a single throw?

Absolutely! Skilled players might incorporate a hyzer flip (hyzer to anhyzer) or anhyzer flex shot to navigate complex scenarios. Experimentation will help you discover your personal style.

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